Tighter vagina: is it possible with a ben wa ball?

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Ben Wa Balls are fast making their way into the modern adult toy industry. However, they are not exactly “toys” that you engage in your intimate play sessions. Rather they are more like sexual aides that help you to enjoy better orgasm and better sex. In other words, Ben Wa Balls come with a basket of amazing benefits for your love life and overall health. A popular claim is Ben W Balls can do wonders to tighten your vagina. Is this true? Well, if you go by the accounts of real-life users, Ben Wa Balls have actually helped them to experience a tighter vagina after a few days of use.

70% tighter vagina

Don’t go by the myths and rumors circulating around the internet. Some people are always cynical about anything new and have to post dubious reviews about them.

A lot of women, who have used Ben Wa Balls for quite some time now, have experienced an amazingly tighter vagina. In fact, according to some, they have felt a 70% tighter vagina after the use of Ben Wa Balls. The positive effects of these wonder balls have been reported by women with kids as well. As per the statements of some mothers, Ben Wa Balls has rendered a new lease of life to their love life. The best part is their vagina feels simply anew.

So, how do these balls tighten the vagina?

A tighter vagina is a stronger vagina with better grip that eventually helps both the partners to enjoy an explosive orgasm. To enjoy a tighter feel down under, you need to have your Kegel muscles in shape. These are the muscles of your pelvic floor and influence your vaginal grip and orgasm. Ben Wa Balls are fantastic for a great Kegel exercise. If you engage in regular Kegel exercise with Ben Wa Balls, you will soon experience a stronger and tighter vagina.

Besides, Ben Wa Balls work to dilate the blood vessels. It eventually results in better lubrication and stimulation which again makes use of the Kegel muscles- hence tightening you down under for a mindblowing orgasm.

How do they feel inside?

A lot of women are under this misconception that Ben  Wa Balls would feel harder and hurtful inside the vagina. Be rest assured- there is going to nothing like that. Yes, you might feel little strange while you insert the balls inside for the first time. But, that’s normal. After all, you are inserting a foreign object and your body is not used to it. So, frankly, you may feel a kind of tingly sensation initially. But, after that, as your body gets used to it, the balls would feel like a breeze. In fact, once you get accustomed to these magic balls, you will simply forget they are within you. A lot of seasoned users go one easily with their daily activities with Ben Wa Balls inside them. It’s not that you would have to sit still in a certain posture with the Ben Wa Balls inside you.

The best time to insert Ben Wa Balls is a couple of hours before your intimate session with your partner. This way, when you will take them out, your vagina would be more stimulated and receptive of your partner. And both of you will enjoy a marvelous sex.

How would your partner feel?

Ben Wa Balls would not only make you feel great but also promise a thrilling experience for your partner as well. As mentioned earlier, Ben Wa Balls will help you to have a solid vaginal workout that will make your vagina tighter. And a tighter vagina assures a firmer grip on your partner’s penis which will enable him to climax in just few thrusts. The experience will be new and exciting to both of you.

Tips to make the most of Ben Wa Balls

Squeeze down under

As mentioned before, Ben Wa Balls are excellent for a powerful Kegel workout. You can do Kegel exercises without these balls as well. But the fact is, these balls make your Kegel exercises even more effective.

However, just inserting Ben Wa Balls inside will not do the exercise. According to experts, you would have to continuously squeeze the Kegel muscles after you insert the balls. The squeezing act will pull the balls closer  and add weight to the muscles. You would have to squeeze and release constantly for a complete Kegel exercise. Just do it for 10-20 minutes every time you will wear the balls and in just a few days you will be rewarded with a stronger pelvic floor and tighter vagina.

Always use lube

This is one of the most important points to remember while using Ben Wa Balls.

You shouldn’t just shove these balls inside without any preparation. Lubrication is a significant step here. It’s true that there could be some friction when you try to insert the ball inside. Do not force it inside. Just lube it up well. Also, you should lube up the outer surface of the area where you will insert the ball. This will make the passage slippery and allow a smooth insertion of ball. You should not forget the lube part even after you become a seasoned user of the Ben Wa Balls.

Try to use water-based lubes for your Ben Wa Balls.

How frequently would you use Ben Wa Balls?

If you want immediate results, don’t use the Ben Wa Balls sparingly. In other words, you would have to use these balls multiple times in a week. In fact, the more you do, the better. Some women use these Kegel balls every day and it’s a part of their daily routine now. If you don’t want to use them daily- no issues- using them 4-5 times a week would also yield great results in just a few days.

However, if you ever feel pain while inserting the Ben Wa Balls, stop immediately. Chances are high that you are inserting it all wrong. You may consult your gynecologist here to check your compatibility with Ben Wa Balls.

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