What really happens during a pet play session

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Sexologists call the phenomenon of fetishism when a man’s sexual arousal is not caused by the woman herself, but by inanimate objects that have something to do with her, for example, underwear, shoes, a hat, etc. Items of this kind are called fetishes. To achieve satisfaction, the woman herself does not need a fetishist; he needs only one of the items mentioned above.

Speaking of Pet play, people mean one of the most dissimilar BDSM practices, which is still almost unstudied. Adherents of such behavior can safely attribute themselves to a unique subculture, the meaning of which lies in a positive attitude to life.

Pet Play Fetish involves a role-playing game that one of the couple takes on the role of an animal (more often than domestic, but it can be wild and fantastic), and the other represents himself as his master or animal trainer. At the same time, sex is not excluded between the partners, which also occurs according to the scenario of the game, that is, it resembles the actions of the selected animal. SEX fact About 150 years ago, a contraceptive was a mixture of honey with crocodile manure placed in the vagina. For a sexual role-playing game in loop play, a couple is needed where the lower partner or “submissive” plays the role of the animal, and its owner is called “owner” or “dominant”.

Why Do I Need A Pet Play?

Modern people, especially prosperous and business people get tired of bearing the burden of responsibility for their own actions, so they so want to reincarnate at least for a short while into an animal that lives exclusively on instincts. So they relieve themselves of responsibility and the burden of problems, which allows them to rest morally and reboot. If a man speaks of steaminess to a woman, this is sexual harassment. If a woman says steaminess to a man, it’s five dollars a minute. Anyone who does not believe in anything, still needs a woman who would believe in him. To achieve the ultimate pet play, you will need to purchase high-quality products, and we recommend Their products are premium-quality, and you would find out why once you experience the difference.

Man’s only happiness is in the attainment of sensual pleasures.

During the game, a very pleasant period begins for the lower partner, when he does not answer for anything, his only concern is to behave accordingly, eat from a bowl, sleep on the floor, wash his tongue, eat animal feed, etc. Some people try on the role of an animal in order to feel dependence on a partner and humiliation. Deprivation of comfortable living conditions, punishment and other types of humiliation give them a peculiar pleasure. Dominants have a different kind of desire. They seek to gain complete control over another being and control it. It would seem, why bother so when you can get a real animal? However, this would be too simple, because the animal is the animal, there is no BDSM game or intrigue in this. In addition, not every animal will behave as its owner wishes. Another reason, some consider these games to be cool. They use games such as a way to relieve psychological and emotional stress. Many probably want to come home after a hard day and relax, pretending to be a child or animal, scatter clothes, beat dishes, clutch teeth in a rug, etc. Carry out, so to speak, anti-stress therapy.

The Life Of The Beast

The most common are the roles of ponies, horses, cats, dogs. However, do not be surprised if at themed parties you have to see pigs, cows, seals, representatives of the water world, as well as fantastic or cartoon creatures. There are frequent cases when the dominant himself wants to transform into some kind of predatory and dangerous animal. During the game, the pet practically loses its human appearance, it blocks its consciousness so that it does not prevent it from fully meeting the chosen role.

Entering the image of an animal, he takes upon himself his model of behavior: he can bite, growl, scratch, etc. The lower partners like that you can completely turn off consciousness and not control your emotions and behavior. Each pair decides which scenario to play. After the lower player wears his outfit, he almost completely transforms into his role. He gets a nickname to which he must respond, they determine a place for him to rest and play, allocate a bowl for food, toys for entertainment. In case of disobedience, a punishment awaiting him is appropriate. If the “animal” behaves obediently and fulfills all the instructions of its owner, then it can be encouraged by affection or snacks. The owner of such a well-trained pet will be immensely happy and happy. If the player presents himself as a horse, then he will most likely be harnessed to the cart and forced to gallop. To demonstrate his power over the lower partner, his master can put on his collar and take him out for a walk. There is a pet that the dominant will give him and only when he is allowed to do so. Pastime, punishment and the provision of medical care are all dominated by the dominant.

Image Selection

The lower partner must trust his instincts and understand the behavior model of which animal is closer to him. If he is a cheerful and active person, then it is better for him to be a cat or a dog, but for those who seek submission and punishment, the role of a pony or a filly is perfect. The dominant can also choose an image for a submissive. Moreover, he can be guided by his own thoughts and ideas. The owner can change the image of his lower partner after each game, if it suits both of them and they like the variety.

How To Feel Like An Animal?

To be completely convincing, players purchase and put on animal costumes. For them, this is a very important factor that allows you to get used to the role and feel yourself in the shoes of the beast. For most players, the number of costumes can exceed several dozen. At the same time, there can be both different costume versions of one animal, and completely different images. Players purchase suits on websites, sew with their own hands, or order from professional tailors. For wealthy players, famous couturiers produce costumes, masks and other attributes. Such outfits of fabulous money cost.

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