Positive effects of abstinence

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Many people see abstinence as a curse or a problem, but it can be beneficial for your mental health and body. There are many reasons why someone would willingly choose abstinence. And here, we will go through some of the most common reasons. 

What is abstinence?

Abstinence is a term used to describe self-inforced restraint from certain types of pleasure. There are many forms of abstinence, and to each person, it might mean something different. Some are abstaining from drugs, alcohol, or food, while others are staying away from porn, masturbation, or sex. 

However, the most common meaning attached to the word is that of someone abstaining from sex. There are numerous reasons why someone would choose to abstain. It can be due to religious reasons, cultural, or personal beliefs. 

In essence, the reason is not as important as you might think. The only thing that matters is that the person doing it decided to do it on their own.

Positive effects of abstinence

Believe it or not, there are many benefits to abstinence. Here, we will go through some of the most obvious reasons why it can be such a life-changing decision. 

Prevents early pregnancy

The safest way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid having sex. Now, this is not something that is as easy as it sounds. Being sexually active is fun, and people love boning each other. But the main problem here is teen pregnancies and how irresponsible they can be. 

It is nearly impossible to explain to a bunch of horny teens how having sex is something they shouldn’t do. Instead, people should explain the importance of protection and how to practice safe sex. Abstinence is an excellent way of preventing pregnancy, and it will allow teens to appreciate it more once the time is right. 

Stronger relationship

Sexual relationships that are built on coitus can often be fun, but they aren’t nearly as strong as those made out of love and intimacy. If you manage to find someone who is willing to be with you even without sex, it is something that you should cherish. 

Being with someone who is willing to wait until you’re ready to have sex is a dream come true. It means that they aren’t with you for one thing only, but for you. And this connection is something that could last for a long time. 

Once you are ready, they will be there for you to establish your first sexual contact. 

Goal digger

Early teen life is an excellent opportunity for a person to set up their priorities. Teens should focus on their careers and education, and they should use the time they have to improve their knowledge and life. 

It is not the time to have sex, even though it might be tempting. Abstinence will allow them to focus on what really matters and finish school. 

Sex can be a distraction, and it can cause complications in the early years. As we all know, teens are irresponsible, and they rarely practice safe sex or use birth control. Focusing on the future is a smart thing to do, and avoiding sex can help every step of the way.

No worries about getting STDs

STIs or sexually transmitted infections can be a huge problem, especially for teens. These infections can lead to serious health problems, and they can result in more serious diseases. People often don’t understand that it is possible to get an STI by having any type of sex, including oral and anal. 

But abstinence will allow you to avoid STIs with absolute certainty. Not catching any bugs will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest. You won’t need to deal with stress and the process of managing symptoms, countless treatments, and problems it may cause. 

How to practice abstinence

Practicing abstinence is simple. At least in theory. All you need to do is avoid having sex. However, it can be tempting to give in. You might want to do it with your partner, and the pressure can get quite high. 

There are still a couple of ways you can avoid it completely. 

Stand by your decision

If you decided to avoid having sex, you should stand by your decision. It is your choice. Your right to have or not have sex at any point in your life, and no one should try to persuade you otherwise. 

Think about all the reasons that made you choose to abstain. It doesn’t matter if you opt for it for health benefits, religion, or anything else. The only thing that matters is that you chose it and that it is important to you. 

You shouldn’t be bothered by what your friends are doing or what anyone else thinks. If you think this is the way to go, it is the only right choice for you. So keep believing in it, and stand your ground.

Call a friend

If things get tough or challenging, you can always talk to someone. You might have a friend you trust that knows about your choice, and you should hear them out. Furthermore, this someone can also be your partner. 

If they care about you, they will support your decision and help you even if it becomes tempting.  

Sex toys can reverse the effect

Believe it or not, sex toys can support here as well. There are adult toys created for chastity, and you can find these pleasurable and recommended designs for both men and women. For boys, a cock cage or chastity cage will work just fine. For the ladies, there are belts.

Each of these toys is designed to prevent sexual pleasure, and men wearing it won’t be able to have an erection. One of the best benefits of chastity cages is that the person wearing them will become more responsive. They will start understanding that there are other things in the world besides their own pleasure, and they will learn to appreciate the gift of an orgasm. 

Chastity devices are especially popular among married couples since they create a shift in power. The wearer will learn to appreciate their partner and understand the importance of giving as well as receiving pleasure.

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